Number 1 Cryotherapy specialist in Orange County

Brian received his National Healthcare Provider Number in 2011 as a mental health counselor. He worked for the County of Orange, National organizations and private practices. Brian has always had a passion for helping people through hard times. Brian has had many loved ones with chronic pain issues and feels that these experiences were transformative, which lead to extensive research and an interest in cold exposure therapies. He simply can’t stand to see people in pain. In 2012 he took his grandparents to a local Cryo therapist, the owner remarked that he knew more about the process than even they did and he should consider owning and operating a cryotherapy business. Brian discovered a new mission in life; to alleviate pain using an age old technique in concert with cutting edge technology.

Brian received his training under the instruction of Matthew Bergman and Cryo-Science North America, Inc. Brian uses localized cryotherapy instead of whole body cryotherapy as he believes it provides better relief from pain, and he can also perform the increasingly popular cryo facial! Check out our Instagram @thecryotherapist or text Brian directly 714-975-0104
The CRYOtherapist seeks to treat those with chronic or acute pain sensitivities, those seeking a quicker and more affordable alternative to botox or chemical facials, and skeptics.