Step Into the Future of Cold Therapy

The °CRYO Arctic™ is the coldest and most effective whole-body chamber on the market.



Never come in contact with nitrogen, only breathable air.

Smart Tech

Ability for our technicians to connect via Wifi for any technical assistance.

Premium Sound-System

Relax with a favorite song while still being in communication with the operator.


True whole body cryotherapy with consistent temperature during the treatment.


Reaching temperatures of -140°C / -220°F, the °CYRO Arctic™ is the only machine on the market that accurately measures the chamber’s temperature. That accuracy ensures the client’s treatment exceeds their expectations. Delivering results not only for them, but also your business in repeat bookings and increased profits.


  • Touch Screen & User Display
  • Sound System
  • Breathable Air
  • Luxurious Interiors
  • Adjustable Window

Cooling Process

Unlike other cryotherapy chambers, the °CRYO Arctic™ only exposes the guest to breathable air vapor, and not to harmful nitrogen gas. The nitrogen is filtered out through the system before the air comes in contact with the client.



Adjustable Window

The °CRYO Arctic™ has an adjustable window giving clients the option to experience partial or whole body cryotherapy.


The °CRYO Arctic™ is more spacious. Clients enjoy more room to move around inside the chamber without feeling closed in.

Low Doorstep

The °CRYO Arctic™ is equipped with a convenient low doorstep for easy entry and exit. No more dealing with a faulty lift.

Room Requirements

220V / 16 AMP Power supply required

2 Inch copper exhaust required

*For further detail on room requirements please reach out to a member of the CRYO Team

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