The Process

Does it hurt?

No. Our clients find it to be very pleasant. Apprehension is common. After the initial treatment you understand the process and in most circumstances can’t wait for your next session with the CRYOtherapist.

How many times do I need to come in?

Current research suggests 10-20 applications within a short period of time. With your first appointment, the goal of the CRYOtherapist is to take the edge off of any pain you might be experiencing in real time. The CRYOtherapist will customize a treatment plan that’s just right for you in a serene space.

I don’t have any pain/issues, can I still experience Cryo?

Yes! The Cyro Facial is for you then! Offered as an add-on or stand alone treatment, clients find it to be deeply relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It’s something clients find they are looking for in terms of relaxation that is unparalleled and almost difficult to describe. The benefits to skin and complexion are obvious. The therapeutic benefits are worth experiencing.

Are there any side effects?

Fortunately with localized cryotherapy the only negative side effect would be a burn. This would only happen if the operator held our wand over the same area for a very long time. The Penguin cryotherapy machine has fail safes programmed to automatically shut off if the skin temperature is too cold.  Also, if the client comes in sweaty or with excess moisture, a bond between the skin and the liquid nitrogen is created which can cause a burn. Both of these circumstances are easily avoided.

How cold is it exactly?

Our device is European, so it speaks Celsius. For those of us that speak Fahrenheit, the goal of the CRYOtherapist is to get your skin temperature to 50-55 degrees F and keep it there during the session. This is accomplished by an infrared sensor feeding real time skin temp to the computer screen. 50° (degrees Fahrenheit) is achieves analgesia or pain killing, while 55° is helpful with excess swelling/inflammation. Swelling and inflammation, even pain are important processes in the body. However, sometimes the body goes overboard causing the discomfort you’re coming to see us about.

How long will it take?

Sessions range from 12 minutes +.